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Learn to Fly at DVRC

No other club in the San Francisco Bay Area cares more about beginners than DVRC!  When you join DVRC you don't just join a flying club, you get a commitment from us to get you through training, to help you get comfortable with your plane, and to get you soloed fast!


We have a 500 foot paved runway with a crosswind takeoff leg.  DVRC has a large clubhouse where we hold our meetings. Current membership is about 80 members.  We have numerous instructors and access to a great slope soaring hill.  The members of the club are continuing to improve our existing infrastructure which includes modern bathroom facilities. Few other clubs can match what we have built, and we are growing!  In this age of disappearing flying sites as a result of urban sprawl, we will continue to be here to support our hobby!


Come out and give it a try.  We will set you up with an Intro Pilot who will be able to put you on a buddy box for some introductory flying.  This introductory period is good for thirty days.


Once you make the decision to join DVRC, you will need to join AMA and complete the DVRC membership application and pay the fees as set forth in the application.  You can find the AMA website and the DVRC membership application under the Membership webpage.  Click here or on the menu to the left.


After joining, you can pick an instructor to continue to learn to fly.  The instructor will teach you about club procedures, tuning an engine, pre-flight checks, maintenance, control setup and many other items you will need to be successful.  We are a friendly club and many members are more than willing to assist you in picking out and building your first plane and we are happy to advise you on what equipment you need to get started.


We look forward to seeing you at the field.