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Introductory Pilots: If you are new to RC, please contact one of the Instructor/Introductory Pilots below to arrange   for an introductory flight.

Instructors: A member should confirm in advance to get a particular instructor, unless he wishes to be instructed by whoever is present at the time. Not all instructors are available 24/7. Please call and make arrangements to meet with an instructor at the field.

Greg Gallegos (925) 783-1072

Jim Seibert (925) 822-7822

Mel Nash (925) 597-8142

Ron Williams (925) 825-5845

Ray Davis (925) 352-7229

Dale Parsons (925) 684-2248

Gene Aughtry (925) 487-5575

Mike Woodring

Daniel Heering (925) 267-2461

Doug Schramm (650) 222-8060

       Carlos Gracia (925)640-8257