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Gremlin Combat

So COMBAT It Is Then!!!!!


DVRC will help celebrate RA Cores 25th anniversary of the Gremlin with a full on combat session on Sept 23rd come still or high winds!


So, COMBAT it is then!!!!!

Get those Gremlins tuned up and ready to go…

Fighter Pilot's meeting on the flight deck at 0830 sharp.


Here are a few particulars:


MODEL - to be limited to the Gremlin and only the Gremlin, built per the RA Cores kits, well as can be expected by us.


ENGINE - must be an .25 OS or .28 Thunder Tiger with stock muffler. Prop will be of your choice and it must have a spinner whether nitro or electric.


RULES - you bet; there will be some of those.  Combat rules for the DVRC Competition can be found by clicking on the link below based upon the standard RA Cores rules of engagement.

DVRC Combat Rules 


SAFETY - We will need a lot of that for a combat session. And "that" rhymes with HAT, so HARD HATS will be REQUIRED.  Your Gremlin must also have a spinner, either plastic type nosecone or a metal spinner or an acorn type nut.


FUN - should be enough to go round.


More Information:


Model - The model is a Combat Gremlin kit and can be purchased from RA Cores.  The plans included with the kit are a little on the sparse side so either go for the Almost-ready-to-cover kit or at least the full kit. Look for supplemental Gremlin building instructions part way down the page.

Vendor info: RA Cores website link



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